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Woo-Ri Ga-Jok

 Woo is pronounced more like ooh, as in oohs and aahs. Ri is pronounced like re- as in     reverb, or return.  Say it together and you get the word that means ‘us, our, we.’

Ga is pronounced as if you were saying “God” without the d at the end. Jok is pronounced  like you would say “joke” but the o is shorter. Say it together and you get the word that means ‘family’.

We all have at least one. Many of us have   several. My family lived away from “home” so  I grew up feeling left out of the family circle. I hated that Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Lunar New Year’s Day were all spent just by ourselves. We would eat KFC or go down to Tucson to make something out of it because otherwise, it would be like any other day. I am certain some of you readers can relate.

With the holiday season fast approaching us,  I am noticing our winter guests returning from their time with family up in cooler areas away from the heat. I am also expecting others will be busy traveling to squeeze in one more visit when everybody can make it. Certainly there will be students left all by themselves, and for many immigrants (and nonimmigrants) we will have to make do with our new family made up of close friends.

As I have stated before, Julie and I do not have any relatives who live in the United States with the exception of my sister in  Portland. So, for us, we are particularly grateful to call First Church our home, all of you, our new family.

And I imagine that for one reason or another, this is true for many of our readers. First Church is your family because, well, there is no other.

In this edition, I want to share with you some of the people that help our family, our faith community, in specific ways. Some of them you know well, others you are getting to know; and still others are just brand new.

Woo-Ri may or may not have many things   woo-ri like about each other. But in our case, it doesn’t matter because Ga-Jok is not about “likeness;” it’s about our commitment to the wellness of each other. Being a part of a Ga-Jok is to sometimes lose out so that all   the time Woo-Ri may win.  

Woo-Ri Ga-Jok, our family, it’s an honor to be a part of it.

​Rev. Paul Hyung Cho




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