​​​On the Road Again

​by Rev. Paul Cho

In classic summertime fashion, many of us will be on the road traveling to and from our friends and loved ones throughout the country and some across the globe. Being with family certainly feels better than most things in our world. As I write this, I have just been reunited with my own family so I may be biased.

And while it is neither the most comfortable of times nor easiest to manage, there are few things that I’d rather spend my time doing.   Being with family (biological or other loved ones) is a reminder of all that is most important.

For me, that is love. Love was first introduced to me by my family. I found it in my parents. It bound me to my siblings (my sister and  cousins). It drew me to my wife and it created a family for myself. If God is love, and love is the root of family, then when I am with family, I cannot deny that God is alive, God is at work, and that God is good.

Hours of singing in the car with my sister or days of shopping with my mother for gifts brought excitement. The preparing of gifts, the planning of special events or of long overdue rest and relaxation, and the planning of meals together are all a part of that excitement as well. Sure, the logistics are often challenging, but is there anything else you’d rather be stressed about?

I believe we are all on our journey home; as individuals and as a faith community to our eternal home with God that is both in our future and in our midst. As I look over this past year and the journey we have been on, I am mindful of the ways that First Church Tucson and the Korean Fellowship have been faithful to each other. It has been challenging for many of you, I’m sure, adjusting to me as your new pastor and to all the changes that came with our unique partnership. Still, I am grateful for much of our venture. I am grateful for the opportunity to be in worship in both my native languages.   I am grateful for our continued faithfulness in supporting the Inn Project. I am grateful for our progressing stewardship of both our gifts and our facility. I am also grateful for the new ministries that we have enjoyed, in particular our joint choral program, and our ministry partnership with Menlo Park United Methodist.

With this in mind and with the confidence I have in the Holy Spirit that binds us and leads us together, I look forward to all that we will enjoy in our continued journey home together.

Join me in singing this Willie Nelson tune,

“On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again.

The life I love is makin' music with my friends, And I can't wait to get on the road again.”



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