​​​Easter - Not a One-Sunday Event

​by Rev. Raven Gaston

As we were reminded by Rev. Wintersteen this week, Easter is not just a one-Sunday event. In fact, the week before Easter is, for Christians, a time for earnest contemplation concerning what Jesus  experienced before his death and resurrection. A couple of years ago I was reading the story in the gospels (especially John 19:16-27), and I was deeply moved by Jesus' concern for his mother as he was dying. I'm not much of a poet, but the following flowed forth from my mind and heart:

He knew his time was running out - his work was almost through.
He could have gone another route - but he knew that wouldn't do.

And so he'd let them nail his hands, and pin them to the wood;
the pain went screaming to his soul - the thief beside him understood.

He'd watched the soldiers nail the sign - quite close above his head;
the sign that Pilate ordered there - "King of the Jews," it said.

He heard the protests of the priests: "He's not our king!" they claimed.
But Pilate had the final say - so Pilate could be blamed.

He saw the soldiers grab his clothes, he heard each cast their lot.
Instead of mercy, grace and love - his clothes - that's all they got.

He also saw the women there, he heard their groans and sighs;
He felt the grief that filled their hearts, saw the tears that filled their eyes.

But one of them - he was her son - she'd borne him in her womb;
And now he knew her time had come, to take him to his tomb.

When he was small she'd carried him, she'd taught him psalms and songs;
He felt her love where e're he was alone, or caught in throngs.

And though he now would die in pain, a ray of joy shone on his face
To know that God had given him - a mother's love, a mother's grace.

So seeing her beneath the cross, he slowly turned his head
And looking towards his faithful friend - "Behold Your Son", to her he said.

He knew this man who'd followed him had wisdom like no other,
so placing Mary in his care - to him he said "Behold Your Mother."

The King of Kings and Lord of Lords - was also Mary's son;
He gave to her his tender care - then gave his life for everyone.




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